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On June 22, 2012 YGAP held a wrap up party to celebrate the success of the first ever 5cent Campaign. The 1mill Wrap Up Party was held in the beautiful The Deck, in Prince in St Kilda and what an amazing note to end on and a way to celebrate with sponsors, ambassadors, and volunteers alike.


We were lucky enough to be entertained by Sam Ludeman (The Voice), Andy Murphy (DJ), the amazing Empire Live, The Winters, the talented Dr Froth from Australia’s Got Talent and our very own Echidnaman.


Since the 5/5/2012 YGAP was on 
a mission to collect 1 million five cent coins to support five development outcomes here in Australia and around the globe. The campaign, only in its first year, proved to be a great success and we managed to reach people from St Kilda to Townsville and even a few requests from overseas!


We have had 77,836 hits to our website, appeared on TV, Radio, in print and on billboards and distributed 3,650 collection vessels, all with the goal of turning one million 5c pieces into lasting change. The tally for the 2012 campaign is 1,000,066 5c pieces!


YGAP couldn’t have been more proud and happy with the success of the first 5cent campaign. Thanks for the last few months hustling for those 5c coins we will be back again in 2013 so watch this space!


A massive thank you to everyone who came along and made the night so special.


The YGAP Crew.


Facebook snaps HERE.

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